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Service PageComplete Eyecare

Our eye examinations consists of various tests to evaluate the health of your eyes and to determine the prescription lenses needed for the best possible sight.

We provide a wide range of medical eyecare services and treat most common eye conditions, like glaucoma, infections, allergies and ocular trauma. We coordinate care with medical specialists when specialty medical care is indicated for more involved systemic conditions or when eye surgery is indicated.

Our doctors and staff are committed to providing excellence in eyecare. We are constantly investing in new “high tech” instrumentation to allow us to serve you better.

In our office you will find computerized auto-refraction, and visual field testing. We offer photography of both the front and back of the eye. We utilize both wide angle retinal photography to capture views of the far peripheral areas, as well as highly magnified view of central structures, such as the macula and optic nerve.  Fundus autofluorescence imagery zooms on deposits found in retina disease that aren’t seen in traditional photography, allowing earlier diagnosis of certain conditions.   Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is used to inspect individual layers of the retina, for detailed diagnosis of macular degenerative, retina detachment, and a host of other conditions.   To assist us in the complete care of our contact lens patients, we utilize corneal topography to map the eye’s front surface (the cornea). Our doctors are highly trained in the ocular complications of diabetes and other systemic medical conditions, and monitor our patients for them.

Special tear analysis evaluation is made in determining the most appropriate treatment of ocular surface disease, and dry eye.

Service Page 2Comprehensive Eye Exams

A Comprehensive eye exam is one of the best ways to protect your vision because eye conditions and diseases can be detected at their earliest stage, when they’re most treatable. The effects of most eye diseases can minimized if caught early and treatment initiated promptly.

Precision refractive methods are utilized to assure the most accurate optical correction, allowing clear, comfortable vision.  Our doctors give you expert tips on ways to reduce eyestrain and how to care for your eyes.